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Enjoy A Class on Us!

Are you tired of spending hours on your fitness, only to get burned out without ever seeing the results you want? 

Want to get fit and feel good without the high-intensity training or heavy lifting that beats up your body? 

There is better and easier way to get fit, strong, and healthy.

Working out can be done in a kind and gentle way that leaves you feeling refreshed, with energy left over to do the things you need to do.


Scroll down for a free class, so you can see for yourself (no sign up required)!

What is Kettlebell Solo? 

Kettlebell Solo is an accessible style of kettlebell training that is open to all levels. No kettlebell experience is required! 

We work on foundational kettlebell exercises that build strength, enhance fitness, and improve body awareness. 

Work out from the comfort of your own home with online classes. The only equipment required is one kettlebell (10-30 lbs)!

Meet Your Instructor

Hear about Britt's compelling journey from competitive pro athlete and chronic overexerciser to a balanced, healthy woman with a new approach to health and exercise that changed her life.

Benefits of Kettlebell Solo Training

Here's What People Love about Kettlebell Solo...

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If you like the class you can join us each week for a new class on our monthly membership, perhaps you just want to rent a class from time to time we got you, you can do that too!  If you know anyone who would benefit from our classes pass on the flyer that brought you to this page or share this page and help us grow. We appreciate you stopping by to take a look and hope you enjoy the class. 

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