What is KPP Solo Foundations?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The Kettlebell Partner Passing (KPP) System 

Kettlebell Partner Passing (KPP) is a training system that improves connection and communication with others while building stronger communities through cooperative, synergistic relationships founded in equality. The benefits of KPP include: tangible benefits such as strength, balance, coordination, agility; and intangible benefits such as the ability to be self-aware, connect more deeply, communicate authentically and cooperate more effectively with others. Passing kettlebells with a partner is an integral part of the system; however, there are additional ways to receive the benefits of KPP.  The most prominent of which is the KPP Solo Foundation program which incorporates several important elements for athleticism: rotational training and the footwork required to move and flow with the kettlebell in all directions. Addressing and practicing these essential variables allows the individual to strengthen and prepare themselves, mind and body for partner practice.

What is the KPP Solo Foundations Training Program?

The KPP Solo Foundations program uses the kettlebell to build strength, endurance, and physical vitality. KPP Solo is a comprehensive program that takes into account the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals and how they relate in their communities. 

Practically speaking, KPP Solo Foundations consists of a number of exercises that directly prepare you to pass kettlebells with a partner. Specifically, when passing a kettlebell with a partner there are forces you must be able to generate and positions you need to be strong in. When you receive a pass from your partner, you need to be able to absorb force from unpredictable angles safely.  KPP Solo prepares the body to handle the unknown by training in stances and ranges of motion that come into play on the journey from two hand passing to KPP freestyle and beyond. Whether you want to train to become a better partner, or simply get stronger… KPP Solo does both. The beauty of KPP Solo is that you can improve your passing skills without a partner! 

The greatest benefit of KPP Solo, however, is its ability to teach you how to tune into yourself, so you can connect more deeply and authentically with others. True strength comes from within, and expands far beyond physical strength. True strength can be measured by how completely we love ourselves and the people around us. As we learn to love ourselves by cultivating a personal practice, our capacity for love expands. KPP Solo offers us a personal practice of  discovery and self-love, which is why it’s an ideal place to embark on your KPP journey.

Check out the video below for a sample of some exercises from the KPP Solo program. The drills demonstrated in the video have carryover to Kettlebell Partner Passing in that they prepare your body for the rigors of sending and receiving a kettlebell. 

Get Started with KPP Solo

Now that you know what the KPP Solo Foundations program is, you might be wondering how you can get started... the KPP Solo Foundations ebook is the recommended starting point for your KPP journey. This ebook will introduce the foundational strength-building movements and kettlebell handling skills to become an effective and well-prepared partner to pass with. Whether you have used kettlebells before or this is your first go at it, you will find valuable information in this ebook that will prepare you to safely and successfully pass kettlebells with a partner.

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