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Kettlebell Solo Foundations 1 Course

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Kettlebell Solo Foundations is a foundational kettlebell course that teaches the student to effectively use the kettlebell for strength, fitness, and general health and well-being. The focus of this course is on teaching the student how to safely move the kettlebell and move with the kettlebell to improve balance, coordination, and functional strength.

What You'll Get from the Course


KSF Ebook

The 100+ page ebook will outline the how and why of each movement in the KSF program, breathing, general guidelines on training, Frequently Asked Questions, and the 8-week advanced training program for coaches. 


Exercise Video Library

Watch video demonstrations of each KSF exercise (100+ videos).


50 Question Test

Complete the 50 question test to receive your CECs and certificate.


Online Training Program

This program builds foundational kettlebell skills that strengthen the back, hips, abs, and lower body, and set a solid foundation for any physical endeavor. The program is self-paced, which allows you to progress at the pace appropriate for your lifestyle.



Get 1-2 CECs for completing the 20 hours in this course. 



Get your CEC certificate within 1-3 business days of completing the program.

“I have a background in barbell training, but have no prior experience with kettlebells. The program is well structured and a great introduction to kettlebells. Micheal Castrogiovanni is a fantastic instructor and he has put together an outstanding program. It has helped me develop core strength that I can use for improving my barbell training. It has also made me stronger and more knowledgeable about my body. I highly recommend it!”

Vig S.

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